Top tips to take care of a Snake Plant

Posted by : Sarah Kidwai / On : Dec 04, 2021

Sansevieria, also famous as Snake Plant, is one of the most prevalent indoor plant for households and offices. It is a succulent plant known as the Mother in Law’s tongue due to its forgetful nature. Too much water and dark or freezing temperature can affect the plant badly. If you are a beginner in planting, taking care of the snake plant will be very easy. Here we have some of the top ways to take care of the snake plant:


Ideal location for the plants



  • Sansevieria grows well in bright and indirect sunlight. It can also tolerate appropriate direct sunlight. Since it’s succulent, it can easily handle the dull and shady corners of your home.
  • That is why this is one the most preferred choice for offices. Due to low light and less maintenance, it suits perfectly for your workspace.
  • Make sure to not shift your plant directly from low light to direct sunlight as it can impact negatively. Shift your plant slowly from dark light to direct sunlight so it can easily adjust the atmosphere.
  • Keep your plant in a warm place instead of a drafty window. You can easily keep them on a tabletop in your workspace to have a clean and positive atmosphere while working.
  • You can also show some sunlight every once in a couple of weeks if placed in a very dull and dark place.



How to water them?



  • They are primarily known for their drought-resistant characteristics due to their rhizomatous roots. It has long and thick leaves that store water and keep it running for a long time without water.
  • It thrives well with less water rather than overwatering. The ideal way of watering the plant is when the entire soil dries up.
  • Watering snake plants depends entirely on the locations it is placed. If it is placed in bright light, it will need frequent watering. However, if placed in a dull environment, watering frequency reduces.
  • Make sure to not water a highly dried out soil all at once. Water the plants in batches to give some time for the soil to soak.



How to take care of them?



  • Snake plants have long, flat leaves that collect dust easily. The ideal way is to use a damp cloth to clean them as you want.
  • Snake plants grow rapidly, and it needs to be divided once a year.
  • You can divide some plant sections and repot them in other pots for better growth.
  • The main reason behind root rotting is overwatering. The only option to save your plant is water them in the most appropriate amount.
  • Remove all the dried leaves from the plant and wait to dry out. Don’t water again before the soil dries out completely.
  • Another effective way of saving your plant from rotten roots is to unpot the plant and remove all the rotten roots. You can fix them in a fresh pot after washing the leaves properly.
  • Another primary disease in the snake plant is curling leaves, known popularly as the thrip infestation. You have to remove the curling leaves by spraying them with neem oil or vegetable soap liquid.
  • Yellow leaves are a symbol of too much watering and poor light. If the plant does not receive much sunlight and gets water frequently, the leaves will start turning yellow.
  • You can save the plant by shifting it to a brighter place. If not possible, you can also show them sunlight once a week.


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