8 Amazing Things to Know About Money Plants

Posted by : Sarah Kidwai / On : Jul 13, 2022

Money plant has been with us for a long time, filling our homes with wealth and good fortune. It has been a prevalent choice of home gardeners for different reasons. But for all reasons, this plant is loved and adored by all. However, there is a lot to learn about Money plants apart from their luck-bringing and easy-to-grow nature. In this guide, you will discover various facts about them:

Water Well During Initial Days

A new money plant requires a significant amount of care to grow properly. One of the essential requirements is an adequate amount of water. If you want your money plants to grow well initially, you must ensure the plant gets enough watering. However, overwatering can also kill the plant. So, be very careful not to soak them thoroughly in the water. Keeping them away from waterlogging is recommended as the roots start rotting, ultimately killing the plant. 

Potted in Both Water and Soil

Those gardening enthusiasts who want to make their indoors stand out can easily choose the Money plant. These plants can be easily grown in water and soil. Also, an amazing thing about raising them in water is the leaves are much softer than the ones grown in soil. The plant grows equally well in both water and soil. However, you must change the water frequently to protect them from all kinds of fungal diseases and bacteria. 

Poisonous Sap

Another essential factor about money plants is their poisonous Sap. Growing money plants within reach will be dangerous if you have pets at home. Also, keep your children from consuming them as the Sap is highly poisonous. You can try keeping them at greater heights where the pets and children don't reach easily. Hanging pots are perfect for growing Money plants if you have both cats, dogs, or children at home. 

Perfect For Aquarium

As we have said above, money plants can quickly grow in water. So if you are looking for the perfect piece of beauty for your fish house, it will be a great option. You can keep them in your fish tank, and they will purify the air for the fish and provide them with other essential nutrients. Now we can say that the Money Plant will make your aquarium look aesthetically beautiful and provide them with essential nutrients by keeping its air clean. 

Not Too Much Sunlight

Money plants are not much of a sun lover. If you want them to grow well, you must keep them in a shady place where they easily receive ample sunlight. Growing them in direct sunlight will burn the leaves, and the plant will ultimately die. If you want a fuller and wider growth, you must choose a location with bright indirect sun. 

Grows Well in a Suitable Environment

Your plants are just like humans. So if you want them to grow well, you need to give them the right environment. The right environment also means a suitable growing place. If you grow your money plants in a pot, the maximum height they can receive is only 10-15 feet. However, when grown as a wild plant, they can grow up to 50-60 feet tall. So we can say that environment is a significant factor in their growth. 

Pattern of Leaves

The pattern of the leaves of the Money plant says a lot about it. Each branch of the plant consists of 5 leaves that signify the five elements of nature: air, water, fire, metal, and wood. Money plants' glossy, green, and heart-shaped leaves represent good luck and prosperity. Those who are excited about bringing a lucky plant for their indoors must look out for this great addition. You can also obtain this extraordinary luck-bringing plant from Leaf Baba to get great deals and offers. 

Excellent Survivor

If you are searching for the most hard-to-kill plant, Money Plant is the one for you. It is believed that they can survive almost everything to anything. Compared to other indoor plants, the plants can stay alive even in the most uncertain conditions. Whether you keep them under artificial lights in your office or water rarely in weeks, Money plants are capable of handling everything to anything.

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