7 best Climbers Perfect to Decorate Your Garden

Posted by : Sarah Kidwai / On : Jun 15, 2022

Have you ever seen a wall covered with lovely flowers that look pleasing to your eyes? There is something beautiful about vines. The vibrant colors, beautiful flowers, extraordinary appearances, unique structure, etc., are all that make them every gardener’s favorite. Climbers may be the best option to add beauty, vibrant colors, and elegance to your balcony’s trellises or walls. They are excellent for terrace gardens or hanging pots for your patios or kitchen windows. Let us Introduce you to the 7 great climbers perfect for your home gardens. Here we go:

Aparajita (Clitoria)

The bright blue blossoms of Aparajita plants are very common in Indian homes due to their religious faiths. Among all the climbers, Clitoria plants are the most attractive option for gardeners. The plant produces delicate blue flowers that look amazing when grown on trellises or hanging baskets. Often known as Pigeonwings or Clitoria, specifically known for their Clitoris-shaped flowers, they are used as holy flowers in India for daily Puja and rituals. So, we can say it is a must-add to your garden or balconies.


Do you want to add a splash of vibrant colors to your outdoor garden? Our list of climbers is incomplete without mentioning Bougainvillea plants. Their paper-like flowers grown in a flamboyant cluster make an extraordinary impact on the eyes of plant lovers. These thorny vines are a great piece of attraction for those who want to add cheerful colors and elegance. These climbers are pretty drought tolerant and love being in the sun. So yes, they will fit perfectly in your bright sunny corners.

Money Plants

How can we forget to mention money plants from our list of climbers? The large and exotic varieties of money plants have something unique that gardeners cannot resist. This evergreen climber is a flawless beauty that everyone loves keeping with them. Further, the low-care and luck-bringing characteristics make them stand out from all other plants on our list. All you have to do for them is choose a shaded or semi-shaded corner for the best growth. Water is required to keep them growing higher and healthier.

Flaming Trumpet (Pyrostegia Venusta)

Having plants around doesn’t only mean greenery. Plants are about colors, elegance, vibrance, as well as appearance. Climbers make your garden or balconies stand out, and Flaming Trumpet is the one that helps you achieve so. The tubular and vibrant flame-colored flowers grown in clusters make an excellent addition to your outdoor garden or balcony trellises, giving your eyes a refreshing feel. They have also termed the most popular winter flowering climbers that provide a spectacular view for the eyes.

Curtain Creeper

Have you ever seen a rock or mountain covered with a creeper? This evergreen climber you have seen is called curtain creeper. Curtain creepers are best for giving your walls a striking look. This wild evergreen creeper can proliferate even in the most challenging conditions. They add an outstanding appearance to your garden by showering its leaves like a drape and giving a fantastic vibe. So those, who want to add some wild beauty to their garden, must opt for the curtain creepers.

Passion Flower (Krishna Kamal)

Another excellent creeper we have on our list is Passion Flower. Also known as Krishna Kamala, they are gorgeous and easy-to-grow vines that come in large varieties of colors, including blue, purple, red, yellow, and white. They can quickly grow well with only a little care and nurturing. Another excellent thing about growing them is attracting butterflies and birds to your garden using the sweet fragrance of the flowers.

Star Jasmine

Anyone looking to add some sweet fragrance to their garden must consider this exotic beauty for your plant family. Star Jasmine is hugely popular among gardeners for its sweet smell and small star-shaped flowers, and it can quickly grow well with only a little care and regular watering. Those who want this stunning plant must go for Leaf Baba to get the best variety at reasonable prices.


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