7 Orange-Colored Flowers to Add to Your Garden

Posted by : Sarah Kidwai / On : Jun 28, 2022


Among the many flowering plants, Lantana plants have great significance among gardeners. The flowers contain a sweet perfume that helps attract butterflies and birds to your garden. Generally, the plant blossoms during the midsummer to the early fall season. So, if you are keen to add an attractive-looking plant with orange flowers, Lantana can be an excellent choice for your outdoor landscape. They come in various colors and shades, including red, yellow, orange, white, and purple, and prefer being in full sunlight.

Orange Lily

Those who like to add some vibrant and bright flowers must add stunning orange Lily flowers to their garden. One of the best parts of bringing this exotic beauty to your garden is its low-maintenance nature, and that means you don’t have to be always present for them if you want heavy blossoms. One of the most vital things you should do is cut the dried flowers as soon as they dry out to allow new growth of orange lilies.  


Dahlia is considered the most attractive and favorite flowering plant for gardeners. Also, it is preferred as the most easy-to-grow plant that does not require much care and attention. So, if you plan to buy the most attractive plants with great-looking flowers, Dahlias are a great option. Apart from that, it is also widely used for the incredible medicinal properties used for treating many diseases.

Orange Pansy

The soft feathery flowers and attractive appearance help give gardeners a wonderful experience. So, if you are the one who likes keeping small and delicate creepers on their outdoor garden or balconies, Pansy is an excellent option. This gorgeous beauty helps make your garden look even more attractive. If you want to make your garden filled with vibrant colors and soft petals, Pansy plants will be the ideal option.


Can anyone resist buying the gorgeous tulip plants for their outdoor landscape? The Tulip plants blossom magical cup-shaped flowers that come in large varieties of colors, anything but Blue. The best thing about them is they entirely change your outdoor atmosphere by spreading beautiful colors and stunning appearance. Tulip flowers bloom as the spring season arrives and gives a beautiful gardening experience.


As already mentioned, the list of orange blossoms is endless. So, if you want this vibrant color in your garden, Calendula plants can also be an excellent choice. Often known as Pot Marigold, Calendula flowers come in bright, beautiful orange-yellow flowers that spread magic to your garden. Also, it is ideal for both pot and flower bed planting needs. You can choose the most trusted online plant store like Leaf Baba to get the plant delivered to your doorstep.


Similar to other plants, Begonia plants are also prevalent for their orange-colored blossoms. The vivid orange flowers grown as annuals give an exotic touch to your outdoor garden. The best step to take care of them is to keep them in a place where they receive plenty of air circulation to protect them from rot and infections. You can buy rich, well-draining, moist soil for the best growth. This will allow the soil to take good care of the plant by providing better water and nutrient absorption space.

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