6 Stress and Anxiety Relieving Plants You Must Have

Posted by : Sarah Kidwai / On : Jun 01, 2022

In this stressful life, we humans have failed miserably in protecting our environment. Our regular lives have also been affected by the massive cutting of plants. We cannot undo anything now, but some measures can be taken to bring changes to our lives. The best we can do is to surround ourselves with plants. However, due to the rising apartment culture, everyone can't have gardens these days. That is where houseplants come to the rescue.

There are many benefits of keeping these small beauties in your environment. Also, they can help you relieve stress and anxiety excellently and fill your mind with positivity and happiness. Here are the top 6 plants that work perfectly in reducing stress and anxiety.

Bamboo Stalks

As per Feng Shui, Lucky Bamboo Stalks works excellently in bringing health and abundance to our lives. Also, it is a great gift anyone can give to their family, relative, or friends as a symbol of luck and fortune. No matter how many houseplants we have, there is a great significance of Bamboo Stalks in the lives of ordinary people. Another reason is they require a little less amount of care and maintenance.

Areca Palm

How can anyone forget Areca Palms in the stress and anxiety-relieving plants list? One of the best things about Areca Palms is their air-purifying qualities that remove harmful components magically from the air. The houseplant can remove toxins such as Formaldehyde, Benzene, Xylene, and Toluene, etc., from the environment. Another reason they are the perfect option is their ability to strengthen the central nervous system of humans by creating a positive and healthy environment for them.

Ficus Bonsai

Ficus Bonsai is not only famous for its stunning and unique beauty but for relieving stress levels and encouraging calmness in our lives. The plant is also used for many medicinal purposes to treat certain diseases. Being an excellent air-purifier, Ficus Bonsai can quickly help make your surroundings more positive to help you sleep peacefully and lead a stress-free life.


Due to their succulent nature, Haworthia plants can easily survive even the uncertain conditions without much care and maintenance. Like Aloe Vera plants, Haworthia plants are easily drought-resistant and give a showy benefit to your indoors. Their stunning white stripes help give your indoors a magnificent look and remove toxins from the atmosphere so you can breathe pure oxygen. They are significantly known for reducing stress, improving concentration, fighting anxiety, etc.


Our list of great stress and anxiety-relieving plants is incomplete without Sansevieria. Who can forget Sansevieria when talking about the best houseplants? No matter what, Sansevieria completes the overall criteria for the perfect houseplants. It is a complete package, whether it is about air purification, relieving stress, or boosting concentration. Snake plants help reduce stress and discomfort by improving the atmosphere and filling our lives with positive vibes.

Jade Plant

Another great houseplant we have on our list is Jade Plant. The succulent plant symbolizes positivity and great luck that makes a perfect plant to gift to your loved ones. One of the reasons jade Plant is quite popular with home gardeners is its nature to attract money and fill your homes with peace, harmony, and good luck. Being a succulent, they can purify the air around you, absorb maximum carbon dioxide, and release oxygen during the night to help you sleep peacefully.

Final Thoughts

Indoor plants come with great benefits for home gardeners. For those who don't have much space to fulfill their gardening needs in an outdoor environment, these houseplants can perfectly fit their needs. With an online plant store like Leaf Baba, you can quickly get all your favorite plants without stepping outside.


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