7 Must-Have Feng Shui Plants for Your Office

Posted by : Sarah Kidwai / On : Jun 08, 2022

Have you ever noticed how places with plants make you happy? That is because of their capacity to release pure air and spread positivity to your atmosphere. In this hectic schedule with a lack of space and clean air, indoor plants have also become an integral part of our lives. As per Feng Shui, many plants can help attract positive energy and good fortune to your life. Here, we list the top 7 Feng Shui plants you must consider for your office space. So here we go:

Bamboo Plant

While learning about Feng Shui plants, you must have come across Bamboo plants as the primary ones. There are many on the list, but lucky bamboo plants are on top of the list for bringing good luck, wealth, and fortune to their lives. Also, the different number of stalks represent unique luck-attracting characteristics.

While three stalk represents longevity, happiness, and wealth, five represent wealth; seven mean longevity, health, etc. The rapid upward development signifies pleasant and uplifting energies that appear as a blessing to your office.

Jade Plant

Crassula Ovata is among the favorite Feng Shui plants found in most offices. Their round and glossy leaves appearing as coins help invite good wealth and fortune into your life. As per Feng Shui, keeping Jade plants near your office desks has many benefits, including health, harmony, a new beginning, good luck, educational benefits, and prosperity. All they need is your little attention to keep attracting money and good health.

Money Plant

As the name suggests, they are excellent in bringing monetary benefits to your life when given the proper care and a suitable location. Among the many Feng Shui benefits, money plants help attract prosperity, wealth, abundance, good fortune, etc., to your work life. 

There are great varieties of money plants available in the market that you can choose as per your needs and place. Always try to keep them away from harsh and drafty winds for the best protection of your money plant.

Peace Lily

If you are looking for the ideal plant for your business growth, Peace lilies fit perfectly. With their attractive lush-green foliage and stunning white blossoms, peace lilies can help give your office a pleasant and peaceful look. It is an outstanding choice for those having enough space in their office . Also, they can easily tolerate lower-light conditions, which makes them a perfect addition. The many Feng Shui Benefits include attracting positive energy, harmony, peace, calmness, etc.

Boston Ferns

The soft and bushy plant helps give a unique touch to your office desk by attracting positive energy and good vibes. Those looking for attractive Feng Shui plants must go on after the Boston Fern plant, and all they need is only a little care to bring positivity to your work life and bless you with good health and fortune.

Snake Plant

Our list of Feng Shui plants is incomplete without Snake plants, and their long upward growing leaves indicate growth and development in your life. Those who want to bring positivity, wealth, and good fortune and attract finances must keep this flawless beauty in their workspace. As recommended by NASA, they can firmly remove harmful toxins from your surroundings, such as Formaldehyde, Benzene, Xylene Toluene, etc., to allow the pure air to breathe.

Rubber Plants

Among the many Feng Shui Plants, Rubber plants fit perfectly for those who want their business to grow smoothly and upward. The large leathery leaves of your Rubber plants give an extraordinary touch to your surroundings, making them the ideal plant for workspaces or office desks. With Leaf Baba, you can find the largest varieties of Feng Shui plants at affordable prices.


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