7 Flowers that Smells Great at Night

Posted by : Sarah Kidwai / On : Jun 21, 2022

We all want sparkling colors with aromatic fragrances in our gardens. There are many flowers that bloom wonderfully at Night, making your garden look more attractive and pleasing. We have several flowers on our list to give you a refreshing fragrance at night and help you enjoy the nights after a long stressful day. Check out the list below to make the most out of your outdoor space by adding sweetly scented flowers that blossom during the Night:

Night Blooming Jasmine

The Night Blooming jasmine, most popular as Lady-of-the-Night, is a plant packed with a solid and sweet smell that can make your garden look lovely at Night. The plant's flowers may not look more appealing to the eyes, but the refreshing fragrance can spread magic to the outdoor garden. The thin tubular flowers open as the sun sets and apply the sweet perfumes across the outdoor garden. Due to their strong scent, gardeners prefer growing them near entrances, patios, or balconies.

Angel's Trumpet

Also popular as Datura, Angel's Trumpet plants are well known for their sweet-smelling flowers that blossom during the Night. Their trumpet-shaped flowers come in various colors that add stunning colors to the garden. The vibrant flowers release rich fragrances at Night, giving you a spectacular stargazing experience in your outdoor garden. Angel's Trumpet release contains a sweet and intense aroma that reminds us of many scented blossoms, including Lilies, Musk, Gardenia, Jasmine, etc.

Evening Primrose

The four-petalled flowers of Evening Primrose release strong perfumes that attract pollinators such as moths and bats. Thanks to the gorgeous appearance, Evening Primrose has a huge fan following. A unique thing about them is they self-seed, so you have to be very careful about it as they can easily cover your entire garden. You just have to remove the dead or expired blossoms from the plant to prevent them from self-seeding.

Harsingaar (Parijaat)

The Parijaat plant or Night Jasmine is a gorgeous plant that blooms during nighttime and falls as the sun rises. Harsingaar plants are famous for spreading their mesmerizing aroma throughout your outdoor landscape. Adding them to your garden means a refreshing fragrance that helps give you a soothing feel you can cherish. An excellent plant to improve your star gazing experience on summer nights. 


Gardenia plants are widespread among home gardeners due to their milky-colored smooth flowers and refreshing perfumes. Thanks to their stunning rose-like appearance and strong scented smell, they are used for many parties, events, and celebrations. Just give them a suitable growing atmosphere by providing them with well-draining soil and enough watering.


How can we forget listing Plumeria from our list of sweet-smelling flowers? Plumerias come in a wide variety that allows home gardeners a chance to invite refreshing fragrances to their outdoor garden. One of the best things about Plumeria is you can increase your nighttime experience by refreshing your soul with the sweet blossoms. 

Also, they contain many medicinal properties that help cure many diseases. There is no better option for your outdoor garden if you want to increase your nighttime experience. You can easily get this exotic beauty from Leaf Baba and give your garden a refreshing feel.

Night-blooming Waterlilies

Have you ever seen waterlilies at Night and experienced the mild exotic fragrance? The vibrant water lilies come in various colors, including pink, purple, and crimson red. The stunning flower looks mesmerizing during the nighttime. This lovely flowering plant has a mildly foul smell that can make your outdoor landscape more stunning.


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