10 Flowering Plants Perfect for Your Garden

Posted by : Sarah Kidwai / On : May 30, 2022

Flowers have a unique significance in our lives. Be it any occasion like birthdays, anniversaries, funerals, or other ceremonies, they enhance our surroundings and blend colors into the atmosphere. No matter how many plants you have, a plant with attractive flowers can always fit in. So, if you are looking for excellent options to buy for your outdoor garden, these 10 flowering plants will be perfect for you. Here we have a list of the absolute favorite for every gardener. So here we go:


If any plant doesn’t need an introduction, then it is rose. Rose plants have been with us for ages and are known widely for their beauty and sweet-smelling fragrance. Apart from their beauty and refreshing smell, they are also used excellently for medicinal purposes, such as treating itchy skin and redness and many ayurvedic medicines. Roses come in large varieties of colors and sizes and are known as a gesture of care and love.


Do you like having an entrance or a terrace trellis covered with attractive blossoms? With their lovely colors and foliage, Bougainvillea plants give your outdoor landscape an attractive appearance. If you want to grow some shade in your outdoor garden, Bougainvillea can work magically. The only thing they ask for is regular and thorough watering, and they will keep on thriving at their best.

Hibiscus (China Rose)

Popular as China Rose, Hibiscus plants blossoms vibrant and cheerful trumpet-shaped flower that bends beautifully to give a magnificent beauty to your outdoors. They are fast-growing plants that need to be re-potted as soon as it outgrows the current pot. Hibiscus plants come in various varieties that beautifully adorn your spaces.


Unsure about choosing a suitable variety of Adenium plants for your outdoor landscape? Adenium plants are on the top of the list of gardeners who want to make their outdoors more attractive. This exotic beauty comes in vibrant colors and shades that give an eye-catching appearance to your outdoor landscape. Their succulent nature and bulbous structure help make it the perfect choice for your garden and go well without much care and maintenance.

Plumeria (Champa)

Plumeria plants, often known as Champa in Indian homes, are famous for their small and attractive flowers that blossom primarily between June and November. With the proper care and maintenance, they go on quickly for many years. The best thing about plumeria is their attractive fragrance that fills your garden with a sweet and light scent.


Who doesn’t like to add vibrant colors to their outdoor landscape? Hydrangea is one such plant that can help you invite colorful blossoms into clusters. Suppose you want to add a beauty that produces bright colored flowers; Hydrangea is the one. They can make your outdoor look more appealing when grown in a group, on hedges, on garden sites, etc.


With their small and attractive flowers available in large varieties of colors, Ixora plants are everyone’s favorite. Whether you are looking for a plant for your balconies or outdoor landscape, Ixora plants can enhance the beauty of your surroundings. These perennial beauties blossom in small chunks when placed in full sunlight conditions.


We have a significant number of options in front of us when looking for flowers, but Kalanchoe plants always remain on top of the list. Like all other plants, Kalanchoe plants also come in various colors and shades to brighten up your outdoor garden with their gorgeous blossoms. They ask for a well-ventilated space with proper sunlight to keep blooming at its best.

Portulaca (9 O’Clock)

Portulaca plants stand out well among all other plants apart from their small size. Even with their tiny flowers, they can still make your outdoors stand apart. The beautiful tiny blossoms of Portulaca are well known for their vibrant flowers that still blossom in the aridest and hottest climate conditions. Also, they excellently fit your indoor garden and possess many luck-bringing qualities.


If you are a plant lover, you don’t need an introduction to Jasmine plants. The flowers of jasmine are well known for their captivating and refreshing fragrance that make your entire garden smell gorgeous. Also popular as Night blooming jasmine, they can help make your outdoors look even more appealing. Get the fantastic varieties of Jasmine plants only at Leaf Baba to get the lowest prices.


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