Morpankhi (Thuja Compacta)


Morpankhi, botanically popular as Thuja Compacta, is an evergreen plant with a stringy texture is an excellent addition to both your indoor and outdoor corners. 


  • Life cycle: perennial
  • Plant size: 1.5-2 feet
  • Pot required: 9-12 inches
  • Watering: the soil must be kept moist at all times

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What Makes it Unique?

  • A perennial plant is used widely for ornamental purposes. 
  • An easy-to-grow plant that gives a green patch to both outdoors and indoors.
  • One of the best air-purifying plants reduces harmful components around you to a great extent.
  • A low-maintenance plant that asks for only your minimal care and attention. 
  • A perfect beauty for your bedrooms, balconies, patios or windowsills, etc. 


How to Care?

  • Water your Morpankhi plants only thrice a week as they don't prefer being soggy all the time. 
  • One of the best methods to ensure the best growth for Thuja Compacta is to give it bright direct light or dappled shade. 
  • The best time to prune these plants is during the end of summer, the beginning of spring, and the end of August month. 
  • For lush green foliage, water the small Morpankhi plants at least once a day for best growth. 
  • Keep them in direct sunlight for the initial growth and water them occasionally after receiving. 
  • Re-pot them as soon as the plant outgrows the pot to prevent more severe damage. 
  • They can be easily propagated using air layering, seeds, vegetation with stems, etc.
  • Choose a pot with a drainage space to help release all the excess water for proper growth.
  • The best time to re-pot them is during the primary growing season to allow new growth of shoots. 
  • Apply an organic fertilizer for your Morpankhi plant with a well-draining nature to revitalize them. 
  • Prune them from time to time to ensure the best growth for the plants. But make sure to avoid hard pruning. 
  • Do not disturb the roots while re-potting them, as your plant may die quickly.


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