Cycas (Sago Palm)


With their rich feathery foliage and long fronds, Sago Palms is a slow grower and need only a little care, making them a perfect houseplant.


  • Life cycle: perennial
  • Plant size: 2.5-3 feet
  • Pot required: 21 inches
  • Watering: only when the soil gets dry

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What makes it unique?

  • Rich tropical houseplant known for their hardiness and evergreen foliage.
  • Easy to care plant perfect for the first-time gardeners.
  • Low maintenance plant that looks perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces.


How to Care?

  • Sago palms prefer bright indirect light. However, they can easily tolerate low-light conditions.
  • Water them carefully as they cannot tolerate overwatering and lead to root rot.
  • It needs fertilizer once every month to ensure good health and growth for the palms.
  • Apply water to your Cycas plants only when the topsoil dries out completely to void overwatering.
  • The leaves of your Cycas plants can turn yellow in case of nutrient deficiency. So, make sure to feed them with fertilizer frequently.
  • Sago Palms are highly poisonous to pets and kids. Do not buy them if you have pets, especially dogs and cats.
  • In case the plant overgrows pot, choose a new and bigger pot for your Cycas to ensure the best growth.
  • Choose a pot containing a drainage hole for your Cycas Plants as it can easily lead to root rotting.
  • Though they are not much picky about the soil, it is best to use well-draining, rich organic soil.
  • They are highly drought-resistant plants but prefer moderate moisture in the soil.
  • Do not keep your Sago Palm behind AC vents as it can damage, burn the leaves, and kills the plant.
  • Choose a balanced liquid fertilizer and apply it in the main growing seasons, such as early summers and springs.
  • Do not repot them immediately after receiving the plant and wait for at least 15 days to let the plant settle in the new environment.


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