Krishna Kamal (Passion Flower)


Botanically named Passiflora Incarnata, Krishna Kamal is an excellent flowering plant with a sweet fragrance, and unique-shaped purple flowers can be the ideal plants for your outdoor garden.


  • Life cycle: perennial
  • Plant size: 2.5-3 feet
  • Pot required: 12-16 inches
  • Watering: when the topsoil is getting dry

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What Makes it Unique?

  • One of the best flowering plants with attractive purple flowers.
  • A low-maintenance plant with a perennial nature.
  • Sweet-smelling flowers make it perfect for trellises, fences, arbors, etc.
  • A small-sized vine that suits best for both natural and ornamental planting.


How to Care?

  • Passionflowers ask for at least 3-6 hours of direct sunlight to thrive well.
  • Check the soil by poking your fingers in the soil before watering to ensure the soil dries out completely.
  • Do not feed your Krishna Kamal plants with too much water as they do not prefer being moist all the time.
  • It is recommended to loosen your topsoil before applying fertilizer to allow the soil to uptake the nutrients efficiently.
  • Do not disturb the roots while loosening the soil, and apply water immediately after applying fertilizer for best growth.
  • Choose the primary growing season, such as Feb-March, to fertilize your Passionflower plant.
  • For primary treatment, choose Neem Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, and Citrus oil against fungal growth.
  • Do not re-pot the plant for a minimum of 12-14 days after receiving, as the plant may die due to travel shocks.
  • Keep the plant in indirect artificial light for the initial days as it requires some time to adjust to the new environment.
  • Always re-pot them in the evening and keep them in a shady place for a few days to settle.
  • Choose a pot bigger in size than the current one to ensure the best growth of the Krishna Kamal plant.

Note: Krishna Kamal plant does not have flowers at the time of delivery. The plant will bloom with unique purple-colored flowers after much-needed care.  


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