Aparajita, Clitoria, Shankhpushpi (single petal, blue)


Aparajita Plants, widely famous as Clitoria, are a perennial beauty with their soft blue flowers that can make your garden look alive and stunning.


  • Life cycle: perennial
  • Plant size: about 1 foot
  • Pot required: 9 inches
  • Watering: when the topsoil is getting dry

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What Makes it Unique?

  • An easy-to-grow plant that do not ask for too much attention.
  • An annual creeping vine that can be easily used for your walls, trellises, hedges, etc.
  • They are preferred widely for ornamental purposes for home gardens, parks, public spaces, etc.
  • Famous for their traditional healing properties used in Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine.
  • Used as a medicinal plant to treat several diseases such as breathing disorders, digestive tract issues, inflammation, etc.


How to Care?

  • It is recommended to not re-pot your blue Aparjita plants immediately as you receive them as it needs time to recover from travel shocks.
  • The ideal way is to keep them moist all the time for healthy growth, but make sure not to overwater them.
  • Keep them in indirect sunlight for the initial days after receiving and gradually shift your blue Clitoria plants into direct sunlight.
  • The ideal place to grow them is bright outdoors. However, choose a well-lit corner if you want to keep them indoors.
  • Blue Aparajita plants generally prefer being in full sunlight. However, a partial sunlight space can also work for them.
  • The perfect way to water these plants is by using a water spray as the leaves also require water to encourage easy photosynthesis.
  • Never follow a fixed watering schedule as it may kill the roots by overwatering. Water frequently and thoroughly, but do not over-water.
  • It is preferable to bring your blue Aparajita plants inside during heavy rainfall as the root may start rotting with too much water.
  • We recommend you to use a pot with a drainage hole to allow easy release of excess water from the pot.


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