Adenium (pink)


Often called a Desert Rose, Adenium is a stunning houseplant with a succulent nature that helps enhance your garden with its trunk-shaped flowers.


  • Life cycle: perennial
  • Plant size: 10 inches-1.5 feet
  • Pot required: 8-12 inches
  • Watering: when the soil gets dry

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What Makes it Unique?

  • The attractive bulbous base of the plant gives a tropical touch.
  • An excellent succulent that fills your space with its hard-to-kill beauty.
  • An ornamental plant that demands only a little bit of care and attention.
  • Bulbous stem or Caudices that gives a unique shape to the plant.
  • Can easily survive placed in indoor spaces with AC rooms


How to Care?

  • Adenium pink plants can easily tolerate occasional neglect.
  • A quick-growing and an excellent houseplant that needs only regular watering to thrive.
  • Water them well on hot sunny days and bring them inside in case of frosty weather conditions.
  • They love being in full sunlight areas and need watering at least 2-3 days a week.
  • Well-grown Adenium pink plants do not ask for too much care and fertilizer. They can easily go on without fertilizing.
  • Always make sure not to fertilize while the plant is in the flowering stage. This may impact the growth of flowers severely.
  • Dilute your fertilizer with a balanced amount of water as the direct application may burn the roots of Adenium plants.
  • Keep them in areas with bright direct sunlight to ensure more flowers to bloom.
  • Choose a high-quality, well-draining, and coarse potting soil mix for your Adenium pink plants to thrive well.
  • Either choose to plant them in the groundcover or pick a big-sized container for the plant to grow well.
  • Adenium plants need a lot of care in winter seasons as they do not prefer winters much.
  • The plant can also freeze even when placed in a greenhouse space in severely cold temperatures.
  • Always bring them to the indoor spaces when the temperatures fall and frost increases.


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