Rose (pink)


Botanically popular as Rosa, the pink rose plants, with their perennial and shrubby nature, have a great significance in the eyes of gardeners who want to make their garden look more beautiful.


  • Life cycle: perennial
  • Plant size: 1.5-2 feet
  • Pot required: 9 inches
  • Watering: when the topsoil gets dry

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What Makes it Unique?

  • The pink-colored flowers indicate joy, grace, and appreciation.
  • An easy to care plant with a perennial flowering nature.
  • A beautiful shrub that blossoms gorgeous flowers with a refreshing smell.
  • The perfect flowering plant used as an ornamental plant that blooms throughout the year.


How to Care?

  • The pink rose plants need a lot of initial care to recover from travel shocks.
  • Keep them in a bright sunlight spot and apply some water regularly for some days after receiving.
  • Choose a pot with a drainage hole for the pink rose plants for re-potting purposes and re-pot only after a minimum of two weeks.
  • Never overwater these plants if the plant does not consist of a drainage hole.
  • Keep them in bright and direct sunlight areas as it needs at least 3-6 hours of sunlight every day.
  • Choose neem oil, Eucalyptus oil, or citrus oil to spray on your pink rose plants to treat against bacterial and fungal infections.
  • Remove all kinds of dead, infected, or damaged parts regularly from the plants to avoid bacterial and fungal growth.
  • Fertilize during the primary growing seasons (early summers and springs) to let the plants absorb all the nutrients easily for best growth.
  • It is recommended to loosen the topsoil before applying fertilizer to help the soil absorb nutrients efficiently.
  • It is best to avoid spraying water much on the pink rose plants as it can easily attract fungal growth. A dry flower will be much safer from all kinds of damage.
  • Check the topsoil to ensure that it is dry enough to water again, as too much water will be difficult for the plant’s growth.


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