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When you visit the website, you are subject to the terms and conditions and comply with the details present here. We reserve the right to change, modify, alter, or remove any point of terms and conditions without any notification. Therefore, we request you to keep visiting the website for any change in terms and conditions or privacy policy.

We check the order and choose the best available piece before it gets shipped. If you are not satisfied with the shipment/delivery/product, please contact us so that we can understand the matter and help you. Please note that we would not be responsible for any loss or damage suffered by you due to any inattention, breach of contract or more than normal/excessive pricing of the products available on the website.

We are also not responsible for any loss or damage in case the order is not delivered on time. Please read the shipping policy before making any assumptions regarding delivery/ delivery date. We also reserve the right not to accept or cancel any order due to some issue without giving any reason regarding the same.

Once you place order on, it would mean that you have read the terms and conditions, privacy policy, and shipping policy on and you comply with the same. Any changes made or mentioned in terms and conditions would not be considered worthy unless we agree the same in writing. completely complies with the laws of India and request its users/visitors not to post illegal or abusive content. We may not be able to regularly monitor all the posts by you but we reserve the sole right to regularly monitor any post or data and remove the same that is not according to Indian laws and that is harmful to anyone or anything in any way.

In case there is any matter which demands the inclusion of Indian law authorities, LEAF BABA would not hesitate in taking the help of the same. In no way, LEAF BABA ( would be responsible for anything done by its users/visitors that is not in accordance with Indian laws. reserves the sole right to delete your account in case you post any offensive or abusive content or any content that is not in accordance with Indian laws. We may or may not give the reason in case any of its users account is deleted for any such reason.

Posting of any invalid or unauthorised content or material is illegal and violates the copyright laws, trademark laws and the like. Any such user who post any such content shall be held responsible.

In case any of the provisions of the terms and conditions is held illegal by the court of jurisdiction, the same shall be severed and the rest other provisions would remain effective until illegal provision/s is/are eliminated.

LEAF BABA ( also reserves the right to stop you from accessing this website for whatever reason without giving any prior notice. We are also not supposed to give any reason for doing the same. In this case, if you have any pending order/s that is/are supposed to be delivered to you would be cancelled and the refund would be processed. We also request you to contact us as soon as possible in case you receive any such update or your order is not delivered on time.

In order to update any content or anything, we may suspend the operation of this website for some time. We would try to notify you but we do not guarantee notification regarding the same.

The price of products listed on this website would be specified on the product page. There may be times when due to any technical glitch or any miscommunication between the seller and LEAF BABA would result in the wrong listing of product price. In that case, we reserve the right to update the price and cancel the pending orders those fall under this error. In this case, you are requested to contact us and inquire about refund/replacement.

For cash on delivery orders, full payment of cash would be at the time of delivery only. If the shipping/ delivery is delayed or failed for any reason which is not under anyone’s control, we would not be responsible for this. Control also includes strike, lockdown, war, breakdown of plant, machinery, etc., lack of resources at any given time, act of God, etc.

The terms and conditions shall only be governed by the law of India and any dispute legal in nature will be heard or preceded in the jurisdiction of the Indian court at Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh only. reserves the right to suspend or permanently delete your account in case you are minor (under the age of 18) and may or may not notify you regarding the same.

If you are accessing this website and creating your account then you are responsible for the maintenance of your user ID and password and keep them confidential under all circumstance. With the use of this website, you agree that in case any information regarding you is found to be untrue, inaccurate, incomplete or not according to the terms and conditions then we reserve the right to suspend or permanently delete your account. We may or may not notify you regarding the same.

Personal details provided by you would be used in order to send you mails and SMS regarding shipment, marketing, offers or anything we think of your interest. Once you are providing your personal details, we assume that you have read our terms and conditions, privacy policy, shipping policy and you comply with the same.

Once you create your account on, we may communicate with you using electronic means such as email, SMS, WhatsApp, and phone and convey any information that we think is beneficial, important or of your interest.

Currently, there is no charge to register or make an account on You are not allowed to share, publish, host, modify, update any information which is hateful, encourage something which is illegal, obscene, ethnically objectionable, promotes racism, includes any other person’s image, content, or views or any such matter which is deemed abusive, illegal, bad and obscene by common standards and could harm anyone or us (LEAF BABA) in any way. If we find any such content, we reserve the right to remove it and we may or may not provide the reason regarding the same.

All the content including logos, designs, graphics, interfaces, music, trademarks, and the like are owned by LEAF BABA and any transmission, distribution, or reproduction of the data present on is prohibited.

You may find link/s to some other website/s. Once you visit any third party website, you are completely regulated by the terms and conditions and the privacy policy of that third party website and it is completely your responsibility to check the privacy policy and the terms and conditions of that third party website. In case you suffer any loss on any third party website, we would not be responsible for the same.

You are not supposed to use our logo or trademark in any manner or for any purpose. We understand that every information that you share on is important and we do keep your information protected (read privacy policy). We may use some of your information for marketing purpose in the manner we want. If you are not fine with us using your information for marketing purpose or you have objection over our privacy policy and terms and conditions in any way, we request you not to visit/use the website (

Once you place order on, you comply with all the terms and conditions, privacy policy and shipping policy and you are also fine with the product/s that is shipped to your address. We would also like to tell you that you are not supposed to resell, or make somehow any profit by using our product for any anti-national or illegal activity.

All the products are carefully checked before the same is shipped and get delivered to you. In case you receive you product in damage condition or you are not satisfied with the product, please write to us at so that we can understand the matter and help you. In no way we shall be responsible in case the product gets damaged during transit.

We try our best to update the product on this website but we cannot guarantee that the product information that you see is updated correctly. The information is updated by humans and humans are prone to error. In case you receive your order not as per the description mentioned on its product page, you can return it. In case the replacement is possible from our side, we would provide you the replacement else the refund would be processed. In case of error, we reserve the right to cancel the order.

There may be typo in the product price and description. In this case, we reserve the right to cancel the order and process refund.

It must be noted that plants and its related products may contain products/ chemicals so as to keep plants healthy and boost their growing. These products/ chemicals may cause harm for which we request to wear gloves before potting a plant or doing any activity involving them. We also request you to be very careful while applying any chemical over plants for whatever reason. Please read all the instructions carefully before using any chemical. In case of any mishap, we would not be responsible.

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