Rubber plant (burgundy)


Rubber plants with their dark glossy leaves and attractive foliage are the excellent choice of houseplants for those obsessed with plants.


  • Life cycle: perennial
  • Plant size: 1-1.5 feet
  • Pot required: 10-12 inches
  • Watering: when the topsoil gets dry

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What makes it Unique?

  • Popular ornamental plant with lustrous leathery and broad leaves with stunning foliage.
  • Perfect for indoor spaces in a well-lit corner and indirect sunlight.
  • Easy to grow plant that grows well for years with proper care.
  • Best air-purifying plants for your indoors to keep your surroundings healthy and fresh.


How to care?

  • If placed in a low light corner, show some direct sunlight at least twice a month.
  • Use organic fertilizer and loamy, well-drained soil for best growth.
  • Keep pruning the Rubber plant from time to time to get the size you wish for the plant.
  • Apply fertilizer thrive a month. But do not overfeed the plant with fertilizers.
  • Water only when the topsoil starts getting dry to protect from overwatering.
  • Do not shift the plant directly from low light to direct harsh sunlight. Shift gradually for best growth.
  • Grows best in partial sunlight. Keep it in a shady corner to receive an ample amount of the sun.
  • Remove all the dead leaves, insects, and dust from the plant to protect against diseases and infection.


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