Foxtail Fern


Foxtail ferns are delicate-looking but hardy fern plants known widely for their feathery appearance that can brighten up your home with their unique evergreen nature.


  • Life cycle: perennial
  • Plant size: 12-20 inches
  • Pot required: 8-12 inches
  • Watering: once in 2-3 days (only when the topsoil is dry)

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Category: Low maintenance

What makes it Unique?

  • A beautifully bushy houseplant with an unusual symmetrical appearance.
  • Needle-like leaves with a soft, delicate, and feathery texture. 
  • Drought-resistant nature and needs only a little care to keep thriving. 


How to care?

  • Best for growing outdoors, but save them from direct and scorching heatwaves of sun.
  • Easily thrives in both pots and planting beds without much-needed care. 
  • Keeping them in the shade or bringing them indoors in colder climates such as winters is recommended. 
  • They prefer soft light, and it is recommended to keep them in filtered sunlight. 
  • Foxtail ferns contain tuberous roots that absorb moisture and use water when the soil gets dry. 
  • Always use a well-drainage potting soil to let the moisture supply throughout the plants quickly.
  • They need to be kept outdoors unless the climate becomes cold such as in winters. 
  • Fertilize your foxtail ferns in the main growing seasons, such as early summers and springs. 
  • If the size and shape grow unusually, you need to prune them from time to time. 
  • They are succulent plants and do not need frequent watering sessions in average climate conditions. 
  • Their leaves may start turning yellow due to nutrient deficiency. So, make sure to fertilize them frequently in case of yellowing leaves. 
  • Do not re-pot them immediately as you receive the plant. Wait for about two weeks to let the plant regain its strength from travel socks.
  • Keep the Foxtail fern in bright direct sunlight after receiving for 3-4 days, and then move to an indoor space.
  • They are highly poisonous to pets and children. Make sure to keep children and pets away from the Foxtail ferns.


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