Table Kamini (Dwarf Kamini)


Table Kamini, popular as dwarf natural Kamini with its beautiful Air-purifying Foliage, is a perfect gift for your loved ones.


  • Life cycle: perennial
  • Plant size: 3-3.5 inches
  • Pot required: 6-8 inches 
  • Watering: when the topsoil gets dry

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What makes it Unique?

  • Best for first-time planters.
  • It can be cultivated anytime and in any environment.
  • Ideal for office spaces.
  • Wind tolerant nature.
  • Blooms flowers with aromatic citrus-like fragrance.
  • Best wind-tolerant indoor plant.
  • Evergreen dark-green leaves.


How to care?

  • It can be placed anywhere but kept out of direct sunlight for the best growth.
  • Keep it in a place with good ventilation and natural air condition.
  • Remove all the dried leaves and stems to keep away from diseases and insects.
  • Avoid overwatering as it can make the roots rot.
  • Keep it slightly moisturized all the time to ensure better growth.
  • Water weekly only to balance the amount of water.
  • They thrive best in medium to bright sunlight.
  • Give these some time to adjust to the new environment after the delivery.
  • Keep the plant in natural sunlight for some time. Slowly shift the plant inside to let it adjust to the change.
  • Do not require too many fertilizers.
  • Water only when the soil gets slightly dries. Do not let it completely dry.

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