Mogra (Bela)


Most Popular as Arabian Jasmine, Mogra plants grow throughout the year with their small, attractive, and sweet fragrance flowers.

  • Season: perennial
  • Plant size: 12-20 inches
  • Pot required: 9-21 inches
  • Watering: once in 2-3 days

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What Makes it Unique?

  • A small shrub or vine grows up to only 3 meters in height.
  • An ornamental plant, also used widely for making garlands, decorations, perfumes, oils, and herbal tea.
  • White-colored small flowers with dark green plant foliage are perfect for your outdoor gardens and balconies.
  • An evergreen shrub that does not ask for too much attention and care.
  • They are widely famous for their breath-taking fragrance, especially after sunsets.


How to Care?

  • Mogra plants prefer a bright outdoor space with direct sunlight for at least 3-6 hours a day.
  • Keep them in a direct sunlight space and water thoroughly after receiving them for a minimum of 2 weeks.
  • It is advisable to not re-pot your Arabian Jasmine plant for the initial two weeks as the roots may damage, making it difficult for the plant to survive.
  • Only spray water on the flowers occasionally as too much water formation may lead to the growth of fungal infection.
  • The soil for your Mogra plants needs to be well-drained, rich in organic content, and fertile for best growth.
  • It is used for many medicinal purposes. However, it is best to take your doctor's advice before consuming it in any form.
  • Check the moisture level of your Bela plants before watering by poking your finger in the topsoil.
  • Apply fertilizer once a month during the primary growing season, such as early summers and springs.
  • Never apply too much water to the Mogra plants, especially when planted in a pot without a drainage hole.
  • Reduce the watering frequency in winter and rainy seasons as it will be difficult for the plant to survive in too much water.
  • Choose neem oil or eucalyptus oil as a primary treatment in case of any bacterial infection.


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