Balfour Aralia (variegated)


Polyscias Balfouriana, widely popular as Balfour Aralia, has round white and green leaves with thick foliage that gives your indoors a tropical touch.


  • Life cycle: perennial
  • Plant size: 7 inches-1 foot
  • Pot required: 8-10 inches
  • Watering: when the topsoil gets dry

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About this Product:

Balfour Aralia plants, with their tropical nature, help make your indoors look stunning. Also known as dinnerplate plants, they can turn your dull interiors beautifully. They mostly prefer bright sunlight, and however, it thrives ideally when grown in low-light conditions. Their rich evergreen variegated foliage adds happiness to your interiors and cleanses your environment with their air-purifying nature.


What Makes it Unique?

  • Beautiful rich foliage with three leaves per stem on a sturdy trunk.
  • Air-purification qualities help cleanses the environment and adds moisture to the air.
  • Adds a spectacular and tropical touch to your space.


How to Care?

  • Balfour Aralia plants love being outdoors in bright shady sunlight.
  • They can thrive in low-light areas only when the soil is kept moist all the time.
  • They can easily lead to root rotting. So, make sure to balance the watering session for the best growth.
  • They require proper aeration and drainage to release excess water and air for better growth.
  • Prune the leaves of Balfour Aralia from time to time to ensure better growth of new leaves.
  • Feed them with fertilizer rich in nitrogen every once a month to provide the proper nutrients to your plants.
  • Do not keep them outside in case of consistent wetness in the environment to avoid root rotting.
  • They are highly poisonous to pets, so better not to keep these at home if you have dogs and cats.
  • Balfour Aralia plants easily attract insects and bugs. So, it is best to keep removing the dead leaves and dust from the plant to avoid infestation and pests.


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