How to Save your Houseplants from Dying While on Vacation

Posted by : Sarah Kidwai / On : Apr 12, 2022

Your plants need a lot of care and maintenance to keep growing. You are putting all your efforts into growing healthy and beautiful plants. Now, what will you do when you are on vacation? Who will take care of them? You must be asking all these questions to yourself when planning your long vacation trip. Well, this is a question we all must ask before leaving them at the mercy of nature. We all know plants can take care of themselves, but some require too much care and maintenance. With these tips mentioned below, you can easily make your plants survive for the time till you get back from your long vacation. Here's all that can help:

Light and temperature

Our plant needs more water and care when placed in bright and direct sunlight areas. It will be impossible for your plants to survive for more than 3-4 days without water when placed in direct sunlight. One of the best hacks to increase your plant's life while away is to shift them to shady places where the temperature does not increase much. Place them away from all the doors and windows of your room in the middle, so it doesn't get direct natural light.

Water before Leaving

If you are going for an extended vacation, you need to make sure you bid the final watering session to your houseplants. You need to make sure that you give them a sufficient amount of water while leaving. To help your plants survive, you need to provide them with some extra moisture to manage for some days without it, and some additional energy will help them keep going on for a week without water. So, it is great to water them with a little more water than usual.

Do not Fertilize before

When you feed your plants with fertilizer, they start growing faster, leading to increased water demand. So, if you are feeding your plant with fertilizer frequently, such as weekly or monthly, don't apply it before leaving. It is best to avoid using fertilizer for a minimum of 15 days before going on vacation, as this will increase the chances of more damage than the benefits you expect. When the plant grows slowly, it will demand less water, leading to higher chances of survival without water for a couple of weeks.

Fill the bathtub or Kitchen Sink.

Do you have a lot of houseplants to manage? We have a solution!! Use your bathtub as a life-saver for your plant. This is the best option you can take while going on for more than a few weeks of vacation. Fill your bathtub with water and put all your plants in it. Your pots contain a drainage hole that helps them suck away the water from the bottom and supply it to the entire plant. It will keep the plants moist and give them a suitable environment to remain alive. Also, you can do the same if you have only a few houseplants.

Make a Drip System

Another excellent way to keep your houseplants alive while away is by making a DIY drip system. Fill a bottle with water and make multiple holes on the top of your bottom. Now turn the bottle upside down and insert it into your soil. This will help the soil to get moisture whenever the soil dries out. This trick can save your plant's life at least for a week. So, if you are going out only for a week, it can be an excellent method.


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