7 Ways to take care of your houseplants in winter

Posted by : Sarah Kidwai / On : Dec 10, 2021

Winters are among the harshest months for the houseplants, leaving them to the mercy of the drafty windows. However, it also has the potential to bring out the most vibrant colors from your favorite ones. Your houseplants need special care and attention to fight the season. If you take complete care of the plants in winters, they will bloom to their fullest. Below we have some tips and help you take care of the plants. Here are the top ways to take care of the houseplants in winter:


A bright sunlight spots

Do you know the most significant thing your indoor plants lack is a sufficient amount of sunlight during winters? This is among the most common threat to houseplants. You need to ensure that your plants get an adequate amount of the sun, no matter how little. Show your plants some sunlight or keep them beside a sunny window for a sufficient amount of the sun.


Cut back on fertilizers.

Your plants don’t grow to the full extent in winters, and it is not right to fertilize them in winters. Make sure to study properly about the plants you have whether it will be suitable to fertilize them or not. Otherwise, it is best to avoid fertilization in winters for better results.


Avoid overwatering

The most significant task for the planters in winters is to avoid the urge to overwater the plants. Overwatering in winters can kill your houseplants due to less sunlight and is the biggest reason for root rotting. However, you need to find a way to balance out the water in the plants in winters. Do not water your plants unless the soil dries up completely, and cut back the watering frequency to ensure better growth of your plants in winters. 


Maintain humidity

Most people keep their houseplants in rooms with room heaters and dryers. However, some indoor plants cannot bear dry air. Make sure to keep your plants in a place with no dryness and humid air. Try to maintain the atmosphere around the room where you keep your plants.


Keep it clean

Another way of keeping your houseplants healthy during winters is by keeping them clean. Remove all the dust from the plants by leaving no space for the insects to hide. When your plants are clean, they will be free from all kinds of infections and diseases. 


Care during vacations

If you plan for a vacation out in the winter, don’t forget about your houseplants. Your plants will suffer the most during the holidays. So, make sure to leave your plants with sufficient watering. However, if you go for more days, you can use your bathtub to keep them humid.


Shuffle the soil

By carefully shuffling the soil in the pot, you can keep your plants fresh and breathing. It is another innovative way to keep your houseplants healthy during winters. Shuffle and refresh the soil from time to time to make your plants healthy and breathe.


Small steps make a significant impact!!

All the ways mentioned above are just small ways to keep your plants healthy. We hope all these small steps will help you save your houseplants in winters and bloom to their full extent. Try these seven effective ways and see the difference. 

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