5 Points to Know About Your ZZ Plants

Posted by : Sarah Kidwai / On : Apr 27, 2022

Are you looking for a houseplant perfect for your decorative purpose and extremely tolerant nature? Zamioculcas zamiifolia or ZZ Plant is one of the favorite houseplants for the home gardener. Their dark, leathery and glossy foliage helps home gardeners get an attractive addition to their décor. Apart from homes, they are also an ideal option for offices and public spaces. Here we have these 5 amazing facts about ZZ plants to help you get a plant that enhances your home décor and improves overall health. Let's get started!!

Not much of an attention-seeker

One of the best reasons they have such wide popularity is that they don't ask for too much attention. ZZ plants are hardly attention seekers, and they can easily tolerate dull light conditions and fewer watering sessions. Unlike other houseplants that require continuous maintenance suitable environment, ZZ plants can easily go on for days without watering and frequent fertilization. Even if you don't get the time to check on them for a few days, they'll still be fine.

An excellent succulent

If you are looking for a hard-to-kill plant that can easily survive days without watering, ZZ plants are the one. One of the reasons they are the top choice of home gardeners is the succulent nature that keeps them going on for days without watering. So, if you are in a dilemma in finding the best indoor plant for your home or office needs, ZZ plants are definitely on top of the list. They can easily tolerate low light conditions and no-watering days as a succulent.

Removes toxins from the air

Nowadays, we live in an environment where we inhale toxins more than fresh oxygen. We all know there is no better air purifier than plants, and we have a great variety of indoor plants these days. ZZ plants appear as the top choice for homes and offices to keep the air fresh and healthy. Their natural air-purifying properties help remove extremely harmful components from the air, such as Benzene, Xylene, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Carbon Monoxide, etc., to help you inhale fresh and pure air.

Holds Ornamental Value

People these days look for something unique in everything to flaunt, and now they look for options that add value to their social media posts. Indoor plants have become a significant part of people's lives that they can easily flaunt to their social media followers. The unique structure of ZZ plants and the dark green foliage make them a perfect show stopper that one cannot resist bringing them home. No doubt, they can make an amazing appearance on your social media posts.

Used in Feng Shui

Are you looking for an excellent plant to bring some luck and fortune? ZZ plants have a great significance in Feng Shui. Their growth pattern indicates luck-bringing characteristics, such as the leaves growing upwards and the foliage hardly dying. An amazing option to bring some luck and fortune to your doorstep. Often known as the Fortune tree, they are highly associated with bringing luck, wealth, and steadfastness. Contact Leaf Baba now to get this excellent luck-bringing plant for your home. 

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